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    How to unlock Google account

    What is Two-Step Verification

    Even before continuing and understanding in practice how to unlock google account, it is good to give you some more information on what is the two-step verification.

    As I already mentioned in the opening bars of this tutorial, it is an important protection tool designed to protect the integrity of the Google account: in other words, this system allows you to protect the profile in question even if it is the access password was stolen, using an access "protocol" designed to protect all the contents connected to the account itself (photos, contacts, emails and so on).

    This is why, after activating two-step verification, access to Google services from unauthorized browsers or devices changes drastically: to complete the login, after entering your username, password and pressing the key NEXT, you must provide a additional code received through phone, SMS or generated by the Google Authenticator app (a code generator made available by “Big G”), grant a access permission via another device or enter a security token to the computer's USB port.

    If you do not verify your identity through one of the methods listed above, access to your Google account is blocked and you cannot use any of the services offered by the Mountain View giant.

    This additional level of security, however, can be "lightened" in case of need: if you often log in from a particular browser and / or a specific device, for example, it is possible to make Google "remember" it. (by placing the check mark in the box proposed at login), so that the next time only the classic password is requested. I'll tell you about this option later in the tutorial.

    Check the activation of XNUMX-Step Verification

    Now that you understand the effectiveness and importance of Google XNUMX-Step Verification, all you have to do is check if it is active for your account and decide what to do next.

    First, then, connected from the browser you usually use to access Google services on the dedicated Internet page, click on the button Start that you find at the top right, press the button Log in and log in using your data. Once at the account information summary page, scroll down until you locate the entry Two-step verification: if this option was enabled for your profile (which is very likely, if you were "locked out"), the wording will be specified in its correspondence Activate from: followed by the date of first activation of the same.

    To change the two-step verification settings, press the button without hesitation > placed in the corresponding box: from there you can choose if add a new authentication method additional for unlock Google account when you log in from a new device, or if deactivate fully functional, so you can log in using only the password. To be precise, the activation methods available are as follows.

    • Google message - in this way, you can choose a device (Android or iOS), among those associated with the account, to be used to confirm your identity: all you have to do is press the button Yes shown on the phone screen right after entering the password.
    • Text or voice message - this method allows you to receive an additional unlock code upon receipt of an SMS or a voice call.
    • Backup codes - it is a list of codes to be used if it is not possible to access in any other way. Each code can be used only once.
    • Authenticator App - this option allows you to generate an access code using Google Authenticator.
    • Security token - this section allows you to configure a small USB device to be inserted into the appropriate computer port to finalize access to the account.

    If you wish, you can configure one or more additional authentication methods, choosing from those proposed: in this way, for example, if you are unable to unlock your account via the Google message (perhaps because you have changed phone), you will have the possibility to receive an SMS directly to your number and use the code received.

    Do you want to completely disable XNUMX-Step Verification as you log in from different devices all the time and this additional protection is a hassle for you? Let me tell you, it's something I don't recommend you do: this kind of precaution is essential to protect your data in case of password theft. Among other things, you can authorize the devices you use most often, so as to log in to them by entering only the password.

    How do you say? Are you well aware of the risk and still want to get rid of double-pass authentication? Then all you have to do is press the button disable located at the top of the configuration page of the related options and confirm the willingness to proceed by pressing the button again disable: from this moment on, you will be able to access your account, from any device, by typing only the password associated with the profile.

    Authorize a new device

    If you have read this far, it means that you have well understood the importance of two-step verification and that you have decided to leave it active, setting all the additional security measures that are right for you.

    Well happy with the decision you made, it's time for me to explain step by step how to authorize a new device e unlock Google account about it: don't worry, this is a very simple operation that can be completed in a matter of seconds.

    First, from the browser of the new device you intend to authorize, go to the page of the Google service you intend to use (eg. gmail, Google Drive o Google Plus), presses the button Log in, then enter the email address associated with the account, press the button NEXT, finally type the password and press the button again NEXT.

    At this point, you will be blocked by one of the verification tools you previously activated: to authorize a new device and subsequently make it possible to access Google by typing only the password, put the check mark next to the item Ask no more about this computer / device and follow the instructions provided on the screen to unlock (for example by pressing Yes on the device enabled for the Google message).

    If you do not have the verification tool indicated by default, press on the item Other options and choose the security option that you can use at that time. For your information, I will briefly indicate how to proceed depending on the case.

    • Google message - presses the button Yes displayed on the screen of the authentication-enabled device.
    • App Google Authenticator - open the app on your smartphone or tablet, type the code that will be indicated in the browser to be enabled and press the button NEXT.
    • Text or voice message - enter the verification code that will be sent to you via SMS or by phone call in the browser to be authorized and press the button NEXT.
    • Backup codes - enter one of the backup codes at your disposal and press the button NEXT to log in. The code used will no longer work.
    • Authentication tokens - if you are enabling access on a computer, insert the USB device into the appropriate port when requested.

    Unblock Google account in case of forgotten password

    If you've made it this far, it means you've mastered everything about Google XNUMX-Step Verification. Nevertheless, you have not yet managed to solve your problem, as you have forgotten or lost the password to access your Google account: do not throw in the towel yet, with a little effort you can recover it within a few minutes.

    First of all, access this web page using the browser you prefer (bearing in mind that the instructions I am about to give you are valid both from computers and from smartphones and tablets); once on the page in question, type the address of e-mail associated with the Google account and presses the button NEXT.

    At this point, Enter the last password you remember in the appropriate text field and presses the button Continue. If no password comes to mind, press on the voice Try a different method, answer one of the following questions (or complete the proposed action) and press the button again NEXT. At this juncture, you may be asked to answer your secret question, to indicate the recovery email address, to specify the account creation date, and so on: however, you can move on to the next recognition method by pressing each turn on the item Try a different method.

    Please note that if you have activated XNUMX-Step Verification on your account in advance, you will be offered to unlock the account using one of the additional verification methods set up earlier. Again, you can move on to the next option by pressing on the item Try a different method.

    If you are able to follow the instructions correctly, you will be shown a new page through which you can reset your password: at this point, all you have to do is fill in the fields Create passwordConfirm password with the new password and then press the button Change Password to complete the procedure.

    If none of the recognition methods are right for you, Google will offer you, as a last resort, to specify an email address to contact you at a later time, so as to verify through "human intervention" that you are the actual owner of the account you are trying to recover. Note that if so, it may take up to 3-5 working days to restore access.

    If you need more information about the Google password recovery procedure or if you have also forgotten the email address used for access, you can refer to my specific tutorial on how to recover Google account, in which I explained to you even more in detail what to do.

    If, on the other hand, you need more information on how to unlock a Google account on your Android smartphone or tablet, consult the specific guide I have dedicated to this procedure.

    How to unlock Google account

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