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    How to unblock a blocked number

    How to unblock a blocked number on your smartphone

    To begin with, let's try to understand how to unblock a blocked number previously on the smartphone.

    Find all the information you need right below. The operation is feasible on both Android and iOS, or rather on the iPhone. Nothing complicated, do not worry!

    Unblock a blocked number on Android

    If you have a cell phone Android and you are interested in understanding how to block incoming calls, the first step you need to take is to take your device, unlock it, access the home screen of the same or the drawer and start the dialer (the numeric keypad).

    Next, tap on the tab Address book (or on that Telephone) then press the button (...) collocato in alto a destra and seleziona la voce Settings (or the wording Call settings) from the menu that opens.

    At this point, if the dicitura is Block numbers (or your Call rejection and Automatic rejection list) then press the button negative (-) lead located next to the nominative or number (if not present in the address book) that you want to unblock and that's it. Alternatively, add the check mark next to the name or names of the people whose phone number I had decided to block, tap the button (...) located at the top right and then press on the item Delete annessa to the menu che ti comes mostrato.

    As for the unblocking of numbers for receiving SMS, do this: open thedefault app for sending and receiving messages by tapping on the relative icon (usually it is the one with the comic), press the button (...) posto a destra and selects the voice Contacts blocked from the menu that appears. On the next screen, locate the contact to unlock and tap on the item Unlock next to his name.

    Please note: considering that there are several versions of Android in circulation and that smartphone manufacturers often apply customizations to the operating system, the information I have just given you may be slightly different for your device. Basically, the menus to access and the steps to be taken are always the same but the items may change slightly.

    Unblock a blocked number on iPhone

    You blocked a phone number on yours iPhone and now would you like to understand how to unlock it? No problem, I'll explain everything to you. First, take your device, unlock it and access the home screen, then tap on the icon of Settings (Quella a forma di ruota d'ingranaggio) and select the item Telephone or that one Messages.

    Now, click on the wording Contacts blocked, tap on the item Modification located at the top right of the new screen displayed, identical to the nominative relating to the person whose numbering you previously blocked or, if not present in the address book, directly the number phone, press on pulsating circolare rosso appeared to his left and then on the button Unlock which is shown to you on the right.

    As well as as I just indicated, you can unlock a blocked number on your "iPhone by" pressing the app icon Contacts (Quella with the phonebook) that you find on the home screen, by tapping on name of the contact of your interest that you find in the iOS address book and then on the wording Unblock contact present in the lower part of the card of the latter. Done!

    How to unblock a blocked number on your desk phone

    Also on the landline phone you can unblock a blocked number. The procedure can be carried out directly from the telephone in use (if the function is supported) or by contacting the customer service of the telephone operator of reference.

    Further different steps must then be put into practice in the event that it is your intention to cancel the registration made in the past in the Public Register of Oppositions. In any case, do not worry: below you will find explained how to proceed in all cases.

    Unblock a blocked number from your phone settings

    If you have a landline phone with a menu of settings (such as a cordless phone can be), to unlock a blocked number you just need to access it, go to the section relating to management of phone calls, locate the section dedicated to Blacklists, select the numbers or names (if present in the phone book of the device) of your interest and call up the menu through which you can do it release.

    For example, on cordless phones belonging to the range Gigaset, to unblock a number previously blacklisted, just press the button Do not disturb (I cheer with the manina) on the keypad, choose the item Black List from the menu on the display and confirm the selection by pressing in the center of the directional button on the dialer (the numeric keypad), by selecting Modification, Numbers blocked e poi dicitura Delete the entry. Afterwards, just select the number to unlock and press the button OK per confermare l'esecuzione dell'operazione.

    Unblock a blocked number with your service provider

    If, on the other hand, you have a landline phone that does not have a settings menu, you have most likely blocked a given number in the past by contacting customer care of telephone operator of your line. Therefore, to carry out the reverse operation, or to unblock a given number, you will have to, even in this case, make an explicit request for this to your fixed network operator.

    If you don't know how to get in touch with your operator's customer service, you can consult my guides on the subject - the ones you find below - to find out how to proceed.

    • If your carrier is TIM, read my article on how I can talk to a TIM operator.
    • If your carrier is Vodafone, read my article on how to talk to a Vodafone operator.
    • If your operator is Fastweb, read my article on how to talk to Fastweb operator.
    • If your carrier is Infostrada, read my article on how to talk to Wind operator.

    Once in contact with customer service, ask explicitly for it “remote” deactivation of call blocking applied to specific numbers (which you will need to indicate).

    Keep in mind that, since unlike what is possible to do by acting from the phone settings, the number blocking service in these cases can be paid and can involve the use of the answering machine, going to unblock one or more numbers previously included in the black list you may no longer have to pay the cost of the service (if you actually started it backed up) and you might see yourself the secretary is deactivated (if you had been activated to take advantage of the thing).

    Unsubscribe from the Public Register of Oppositions

    If, on the other hand, your problem was solely and exclusively the advertising calls and for this you were enrolled in the Public Register of Oppositions - the free service sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Development that allows you to remove your telephone number from the availability of call center operators, as I explained to you in detail in my guide on how to avoid advertising calls - but now you've thought about it, I inform you that you can cancel the request made at any time.

    To do this, you must contact the Public Register of Oppositions again and you must provide the user code that was provided to you at the time of registration through email or telephone mode. If you have lost it, you can also retrieve the user code by calling the toll-free number +800 265 265 XNUMX from the registered telephone number. You can contact the Public Register of Oppositions for revocation in various ways, as indicated below.

    • Means Internet, filling in the module reachable through this web page.
    • Means phone, calling the number +800 265 265 XNUMX.
    • Means registered mail, by downloading the appropriate form from this web page, printing it, filling it out and sending it to the address Manager of the Public Register of Oppositions - Subscribers "- Rome Nomentano Office - Post office box 7211 - 00162 Rome RM with a photocopy of a valid identification document.
    • Means fax, always downloading, printing and filling out the form above and sending it to the number 06 54224822 with attached a photocopy of a valid identification document.
    • Means e-mail, by downloading, printing and always filling out the form I have just indicated and sending it to the e-mail address

    How to unblock a blocked number on WhatsApp

    You ended up on this tutorial of mine because you were interested in understanding how to unblock a blocked number in the app WhatsApp? Well, even in this case it is a fairly simple procedure to carry out and for the implementation of which no particular technical skills are required. Just change the application settings. For all the details of the case, I refer you to reading my guide focused specifically on how to unblock WhatsApp contacts.

    How to unblock a blocked number

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