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    How to unblock Vodafone profile

    Unblock blocked Vodafone profile

    If your Vodafone account is blocked because "you have exceeded the maximum number of login attempts", try to request a unlock code acting as illustrated below.

    • Connect to this page of the Vodafone site, type yours telephone number in the appropriate text field and click on the button Confirm number. A text field will appear in which to enter the verification code that you should receive via SMS. Then type the unlock code of your account, press the button Unblock profile and you should be able to re-enter your personal area.

    How to unblock Vodafone profile

    • Open the app MyVodafone for iOS, Android or Windows Phone and log in with a Vodafone account that is still active. At this point, press the button located at the top, select the items Assistance and support> Need help? from the bar that appears on the side and choose Unlock Vodafone credentials from the list of available topics (if you don't see the option, search for it using the search bar). Next, "tap" on the item To unlock it click here, type il tuo telephone number in the appropriate text field, press the button Confirm number and type il code of confirmation that you will receive via SMS. If everything goes well, at the end of the procedure you will be able to access your Vodafone profile again.

    How to unblock Vodafone profile

    If you have reached this point you have not yet been able to unlock Vodafone profile, get in touch with an operator and ask for your account to be unblocked. There are several ways to get in touch with a Vodafone operator.

    Contact Vodafone via telephone assistance

    To get in touch with Vodafone by phone, contact the 190 from your mobile or home phone and follow the instructions in the voice guide to request assistance from a consultant. To be more precise, after listening to the welcome message of the service you have to request access to services dedicated to mobile telephony (option that should correspond to the key 1) and you have to press the button related toassistance from a consultant (which should be the 4) for two consecutive times.

    How to unblock Vodafone profile

    Once you have contacted a Vodafone operator, explain your problem to the latter and wait for your user profile to be unblocked. You may be asked to verify your identity by providing data such as the social security number or the username associated with the blocked account.

    Please note: Vodafone consultants respond to problems of a technical nature only from 8.00 to 22.00 (7 days a week). The call is free from the Vodafone line. It is also possible to call from the lines of other operators at the cost of a local call (by entering your Vodafone number when requested).

    Contact Vodafone online

    If you don't want to get lost in the "labyrinths" of telephone assistance services, you can contact Vodafone via the Internet by contacting one of the operator's social channels.

    If you are subscribed to Facebook, connected to the official Vodafone page, click on the button Send Message and type your message in which to request the unblocking of the profile. In the message (which will be private, therefore not visible to other users) you must quickly explain your problem and provide all the data necessary to identify yourself: name, Vodafone number, social security number and username associated with the blocked Vodafone account. Within a few minutes you should receive an answer from the Vodafone consultants, who should guide you in unblocking your profile.

    How to unblock Vodafone profile

    If you are subscribed to Twitter, you can contact Vodafone by sending a tweet to the @VodafoneIT account (by typing its username at the beginning of the message). The message will be public, so just ask for assistance and don't enter personal data. Within a few minutes, Vodafone should become your "follower" and should enable you to exchange direct messages (hence private messages). Once you have received the Vodafone contact in private, you should be able to provide all the details of the matter to the operator and you should be able to unlock your account.

    How to unblock Vodafone profile

    If you have a SMART plan active on your SIM, you can also contact Vodafone operators via chat by acting from app MyVodafone for iOS, Android or Windows Phone. To request the contact of a consultant, you have to press the button and select items Assistance and support> Need help? from the bar that appears on the side. After that you have to choose a topic for which to request assistance (in your case Unblock Vodafone credentials), you have to press the buttons NoChat with an expert and, after filling out the form to request direct assistance, you have to press the button entra in chat to communicate with an operator.

    If any step is not clear to you or you want more information on how to contact Vodafone operator, read my tutorial dedicated to the subject.

    Please note: Vodafone's online assistance services are active 7 days a week and 7 hours a day, however operators only answer from 24 to 24. If you submit an out of hours request, it should be accepted the next day, however I recommend that you contact support directly during the hours that the operators are active.

    Retrieve Vodafone login data

    If your Vodafone profile is not blocked but you are unable to access it because you have forgotten your username and / or password, connected to the Vodafone website, place the mouse pointer on the button Log in che si trova in alto a destra e seleciona la voce Forgot your credentials? give the menu to compare.

    Next, choose whether to recover Password, username o username and password selecting one of the tabs available on the page that opens (and yours username if necessary), press the button Confirmation and you will receive a verification code via SMS to restore access to your account by changing your password.

    How to unblock Vodafone profile

    If the unlock code you receive is incorrect, make sure you have typed it correctly and, if you want, try to request a new one by clicking on the item Send the verification code again. In case of problems, you can contact a Vodafone operator and request assistance as explained in the previous step of this tutorial.

    In conclusion, I would like to point out the existence of the official forum of Vodafone city, on which all the users of the operator exchange advice and suggestions on how to solve the most common technical problems. In case of need you could also seek the support of other users who, perhaps, have encountered the same problem as you and have managed to solve it.

    How to unblock Vodafone profile

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