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    How to block Postepay

    Contact the City Post Office Contact Center in case of theft or loss

    How to block Postepay

    The first thing to do for block Postepay consists in making a phone call to the Contact Center of Poste cittàne. As indicated on the official website of Poste cittàne, in case of theft or loss you will have to contact the freephone number of Poste cittàne to report the incident. Then take your smartphone or lift the handset of your landline phone, type the number on the keypad 800.90.21.22 and start the phone call. The freephone number of Poste cittàne for blocking the card, in case of theft or loss, is active 24 hours a day so do not worry, regardless of the time during which the call will be made, it will always be possible to block your Postepay card. Be careful though. If you are abroad, the number to call to block your Postepay card is different: you can call the number prefix. 02.34980.131.

    Once the phone call has been initiated, you will need to talk to the operator of the Postepay Contact Center who, once you have notified him of the theft or loss of the card, will carry out the procedures for blocking your Postepay card, upon notification of the blocking code of your Postepay card that was provided to you following activation. In this way you have completed the first and main step, which is the one that allowed you to block Postepay.

    How to block Postepay

    Alternatively, if there is no urgency to obtain an immediate response, it is also possible to send an email to Postepay customer service, using the appropriate contact form available online. You will need to send an email request to the Contact Center, indicating that you wish to block your Postepay card, due to a theft or loss.

    Check the movements of the Postepay card

    How to block Postepay

    At this point, what I advise you to do is to verify that no movements other than those authorized by you have been made with your Postepay card. To do this, simply access the online management area of ​​Postepay and check the section relating to the movements performed on the card. To access the online management area of ​​Postepay click here to go to the official website of Poste cittàne and log in to the site by pressing on the item Personal Area located at the top, fill in the fields displayed by entering the username and Password with which you are registered on the Poste cittàne website and then click on the yellow button that says Log in.

    Once you have logged into your personal area on the Poste Cittàne website, proceed by consulting the section relating to Postepay, by clicking on the item first MyPoste, through the drop-down menu that will open by clicking on yours name and surname. You will then be able to go to the MyPoste section and then access the version of the Poste Cittàne website completely dedicated to the prepaid card. To do this, from the MyPoste section, click on the item Log in, corresponding to the item Postepay.

    At this point you will find yourself in the section called Postepay Home and you can proceed to visit the relevant section dedicated to the movements made through your Postepay card. From the drop-down menu Your Postepay, click on the item Balance and List of transactions. Then select the Postepay card via the drop-down menu Select Postepay Card I awarded her Run.

    Then check your balance and the list of transactions you will see on the screen. In the event that unauthorized transactions are reported, it will be clear to you why you can no longer find your Postepay card: you have suffered a theft. In this case, don't worry, you can still fix it. Don't waste any more time and press on the item Export to PDF or Export to Exel present in the drop-down menu located at the bottom left of this Web page. Then press the button Download so as to immediately obtain a file in PDF o un file Excel to be able to print and be able to deliver to the competent authorities, thus being able to correctly report the loss of the card or the theft.

    Make a report of loss or theft

    How to block Postepay

    Once you have printed the list of movements of your Postepay card you will have to go to the headquarters of the State Police or the Carabinieri closest to your area, in order to report the loss of your prepaid Poste card to the competent authorities. cities.

    If you want, you can click here to connect to the specific web page of the Police Commissioner that allows you to locate the police office that is most easily accessible or you can click here to connect to the appropriate web page of the Ministry of Defense which allows you to locate the Carabinieri barracks that you can easily reach.

    Once you have gone to the nearest office of the State Police or the Carabinieri, to make the report you will have to follow the instructions that will be provided by the competent authorities. It will be a question of filling in a specific form and requesting a photocopy of the same; in fact, you will have to deliver it to Poste cittàne, in order to have a greater degree of protection and protection. Remember that both the number of your stolen Postepay card and the number of the blocking code must be indicated on the report.

    Furthermore, in the event that, through the movements list of your Postepay card, you should verify any activities that you have not recognized, immediately notify the competent Carabinieri or Police authority. Through a procedure that will be indicated to you, you can in fact obtain a refund of any sums stolen from the lost or stolen Postepay card. After having communicated it to the officer, you will have to file a report of these illegal activities and then, once you have completed and obtained the report form, you will have to go to the counter of a post office. Once you have explained what happened to the post office employee, you will need to fill out the form for the denial of operations. Following the correct completion of this form, Poste cittàne will carry out an investigation and, in the event of a positive result, will proceed with the disbursement of the sums unduly subtracted from the Postepay card. Thanks to this procedure you will be able to recover the money from your stolen Postepay card.

    Even if you have only reported the loss of your rechargeable card to the competent authorities, you will need to confirm the postpay blocking request at the post office. To do this, you will have to personally go to the post office closest to your home. If you do not know where the nearest post office is, click here to connect to the appropriate post office service through which to search for a post office. At this point, type your address in the text field and then press the button Search (symbol of magnifying glass) to view the list of post offices in your area.

    To confirm the blocking request of your PostePay, furthermore, keep in mind that you will need to communicate to the post office employee, where you have decided to go, the appropriate blocking code and a photocopy of the report form for theft or loss of your card. Together with the documentation in question, you will also need to provide the data shown on your identity documents (identity card or driving license).

    At this point the post office employee will issue a new Postepay in your name which will replace the one that is now blocked.

    In the event that you are questioned about the fate of the balance of your previous Postepay I want to reassure you immediately, telling you that, if money is available on the previous card, it will be re-credited to the new Postepay upon payment of 5,00 € commission. The procedure for crediting the money on the new Postepay will take place directly in real time, you will only have to wait a few moments to upload the operations to the terminal.

    How to block Postepay

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