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    How to unlock the Galaxy skin on Fortnite

    Preliminary information

    How to unlock the Galaxy skin on Fortnite

    Before going into the details of the procedure and explaining yourself how to unlock galaxy skin on fortnite, it seems important to me to explain what you need to unlock the latter.

    First, you must have purchased a device from the range Samsung Galaxy participating in the promotion related to Fortnite (eg Galaxy S10 + or Galaxy Note 9). The skin obtainable may vary depending on the smartphone at your disposal and I therefore advise you to inform yourself with a short online search to understand which skin you will get (eg Galaxy S10 + is linked to the costume Iconic, while Galaxy Note 9 to custom Galaxy). Other than that, it is important to know that each device allows you to redeem the skin once and within a precise Expiration date (which Samsung may possibly postpone or revise).

    A second fundamental requirement is to have a Samsung account us credit card associated. Don't worry though: Samsung won't ask you to pay any amount to get the Fortnite costume - it's just a verification method. The accepted circuits are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card e Diners Club International.

    To create a Samsung account, you need to connect to the official website of the Korean company and press on the item REGISTER HERE. After that, you need to tick the box I have read and accept the above and click the blue button ACCEPT.

    How to unlock the Galaxy skin on Fortnite

    At this point, you need to type theemail address Password password confirmation, your name, your last name and date of birth and complete the CAPTCHA, spuntando the house I'm not a robot and following the instructions that appear on the screen. Once this is done, click on the item NEXT. Subsequently, you will be sent anconfirmation email and you will need to click on the link contained in it to verify your account.

    At this point, open the Galaxy Store on your smartphone and press onthree vertical dots icon at the top right. Then select the item Log in from the menu that opens, enter theemail address and Password of your account in the appropriate fields, press the blue button Log in, check the box I have read and accept the above and press on the item NEXT.

    How to unlock the Galaxy skin on Fortnite

    Now, select the item Profile and press above thecredit card icon present on the right. Once this is done, click on the item Add credit card, Then REGISTER CREDIT CARD, insertion il number of the card, the Expiration date and CVC2 code (the three or four digit number often found on the back of the card) and tap on the item REGISTER to associate your credit card with the Samsung account.

    The last thing you need to have to play Fortnite is theEpic Games account. I recommend that you follow my guide on how to create an Epic Games account, in case you don't already have such a profile.

    How to get the Galaxy skin

    How to unlock the Galaxy skin on Fortnite

    The smartphones participating in the promotion are obviously part of the list of Android devices compatible with Fortnite and therefore you can redeem the skin directly from the game.

    To proceed, open the Galaxy Store, near "fortnite installer”And press the app icon (a blond character on a light blue background with a black down arrow). After that, tap on the item INSTALL and wait for the download to complete. Once this is done, tap on the item YOU OPEN and wait for the installer to download the game.

    When the download is complete, tap on the items INSTALL e STARTS. This will open the game, which will begin to download the files necessary for its proper functioning (we are talking about a few GB, so be patient). Next, hit the button Find my account and log in by entering theemail address and Password of your Epic Games account. In some cases, you may be asked to accept the license agreement with the end user.

    With that done, select one mode to play on mobile between Automatic fire, Tap anywhere e Special button and press on the items SELECTUNDERSTOOD. After that, enter the mode Battle Royale and press on the item LOBBY.

    At this point, tap onicona V-Buck (the last at the top right) and press on skin you want to get (the one "sold" at 0 euros). If the costume does not appear, try playing a few games, restart the game and return to this menu. Next, press on the yellow button BUY ONE and, if everything went well, a “payment” message will appear on the screen. Now, tap on the item OK and then on the button Get all and close.

    How to unlock the Galaxy skin on Fortnite

    To make your character wear the skin as soon as he redeems, press thehanger icon present at the top (the fourth from right to left) and tap on theskin icon current (the first at the top left).

    Once this is done, scroll through the list of morals available and tap on the icon of the one you just got. Finally, click on the button SAVE AND EXIT to apply the changes. Great, now you can show off your new skin with friends and other players you meet.

    How to remove credit card from Samsung account

    How to unlock the Galaxy skin on Fortnite

    How do you say? You have no plans to purchase anything from the Galaxy Store in the future and would like to remove the information about the credit card that you just registered? No problem: you can also do this through the official Galaxy Store application.

    All you have to do is open the Galaxy Store, press onthree vertical dots icon at the top right and select the item Profile from the menu that appears. Then click on the '-'present next to the associated credit card and select the item Rimuovi letter of credit from the menu that is proposed to you. Perfect, now the card is no longer linked to your Samsung account!

    In case of dubbi or problem

    How to unlock the Galaxy skin on Fortnite

    During the course of the guide, you may have encountered some unexpected errors. Well, the variables involved in these cases are many and it is therefore good to learn to contact the service center from Samsung, which tries to solve precisely these kinds of problems.

    To get in touch with Samsung support, connect to this web page and write one short description of the problem you encountered in the search bar (in the center of the page). Then read and put into practice the instructions that appear on the screen.

    In case you have not yet managed to reach your goal, press the blue button CONTACT US present at the bottom right and the portal will show you the numerous possibilities to contact the company.

    • Samsung Community: the forum dedicated to troubleshooting.
    • Samsung support Twitter account: Often the Twitter account also responds to these types of problems.
    • Live Chat: to speak in written mode with an operator.
    • Email: this means can be used for both general and technical requests.
    • Phone number: You can contact Samsung City at 800 726 7864 (for support and product information) or at 800 025 520 (for support on promotions or the Samsung e-shop). The service is active 7 days a week from 7:09 to 00:19.

    In short, you just have to choose the method that best suits your needs and contact Samsung to solve the problem you encountered.

    How to unlock the Galaxy skin on Fortnite

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