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    How to unlock Candy Crush Saga levels

    Preliminary information

    Prima di enter the dettaglio della procedura su how to unlock Candy Crush Saga levels, I think you might find it useful to learn more about the structure of the game.

    Well, Candy Crush Saga is structured in regions e levels. The starting regions comprise 10 levels, of which the last one is clearly the most difficult (as well as the one that can grant you the most points to level up your character). As the adventure progresses, the number of maps available increases more and more. The change of regions, on the other hand, keeps the story going and usually introduces new game mechanics.

    In short, I assure you to continue and unlock the levels in Candy Crush Saga is quite fun and interesting: to find out how to do it, you just have to follow the instructions below.

    How to unlock Candy Crush Saga levels

    As you may have already guessed, unlocking a level in Candy Crush Saga is a very simple operation.

    In fact, you just need to play and complete the various levels to be able to continue in the course of the adventure. Initially it will obviously be a breeze, while in the more advanced stages there will be many more difficulties. However, I assure you that getting a good score, even in these phases, will not be impossible and, with a little attention, you will be able to achieve all your goals.

    In any case, one piece of advice I can give you is to do not link your Facebook account to Candy Crush Saga. The connection may in fact require you to invite your friends to continue in the game, while otherwise you can continue to play the various levels safely. In short, in my view it is not convenient to connect the Facebook account to that of Candy Crush Saga (unless you want to synchronize your game progress on multiple devices, in that case it could be useful).

    In case you have already connected the game to Facebook, you can disconnect it by launching the app Facebook, by pressing the ☰ button and going to the section Settings and privacy> Settings> Apps and websites> Logged in with Facebook. From here, just select the item first Candy crush saga and then that Remove to disconnect your account. This way, the game no longer requires you to invite your friends to play in order to continue the adventure.

    How to unlock Candy Crush Saga level 277

    Il Level 277 of Candy Crush Saga it is one of the most difficult in the entire game and has had numerous fans stuck over the years. Despite this, there is a way to overcome it with relative simplicity. I remind you that to unlock this level you only need to pass level 276 of Candy Crush Saga.

    In fact, following the moves which I will explain to you below, you should have no problem completing this level.

    • Move the blue candy from the fourth row up.
    • Move the fifth row blue candy down.
    • Swap the two special candies from the seventh row with each other.
    • Move the red candy from the seventh row up.
    • Move the red candy from the seventh row (first from the left) up.
    • Move the fifth row green cube to the right.
    • Move the special candy from the seventh row up.
    • Move the special candy from the seventh row to the left.
    • Move the green cube of the seventh row up.
    • Move the fourth row green cube to the left.
    • Move the red candy from the third row down.
    • Move the red candy from the seventh row down.
    • Move the sixth row red candy to the left.
    • Move the fourth row blue candy to the left.
    • Follow the directions of the bright candies that appear on the screen and that's it.

    Perfect, now you've managed to complete level 276 and unlock 277. See? It wasn't that hard!

    How to unlock levels fast in Candy Crush Saga

    While unlocking the levels in Candy Crush Saga is pretty simple (just play and don't connect your Facebook account), there are some things you can do to continue your adventure faster.

    If you are at the beginning of the game, there is a very simple method to fast forward. In fact, standing still for a few seconds, the blocks that can be combined will begin to glow and move on the screen. You can follow these guidelines throughout the course of the level and the combinations suggested by Candy Crush Saga are often also the most convenient. All this is foreseen by the game and therefore you will not have any penalties. In short, following this little "trick" it will be very easy to advance quickly in the first phase of the game.

    If, on the other hand, you are already well advanced in your Candy Crush Saga adventure, you might want to consider the microtransactions. In fact, the player's number of lives is indicated by hearts present at the top left of the main game screen. The latter can be obtained either for free (waiting for some time in the real world) or for a fee with real money.

    To access the microtransactions menu, you just have to press on thegold bar icon present on the Candy Crush Saga home page and select one of the available packages. 20 gold bars are sold for 4,49 euros, 50 gold bars they cost 10,99 euros, 100 gold bars require an outlay of 21,99 euros, 250 gold bars they cost 43,99 euros and 500 gold bars they can be purchased for 89,99 euros. 12 gold bars are required to purchase 5 hearts.

    However, I would like to clarify that Candy Crush Saga is a title in continuous development and therefore the information reported in this post is to be considered as purely indicative, since the developers could change the game mechanics at any moment.

    In any case, for more information, I suggest you take a look at the Candy Crush Saga encyclopedia (in English), an inexhaustible source of information on the puzzle video game developed by King.

    How to unlock Candy Crush Saga levels

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