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    How to unlock a locked LG phone

    How to unlock locked LG phone

    Your LG smartphone is locked and you don't know how to solve the problem? As already mentioned, you can try to resolve the situation by doing a forced restart of the terminal. To do this, just press a key sequence that allows you to restart the phone without carrying out the "classic" procedure provided by Android.

    On the majority of LG smartphones in circulation, it is possible to force restart the system simply by pressing and holding the Power button, that is what is needed to turn the device on and off.

    In the event that the device does not restart using the procedure described above, you can try to restart by pressing the buttons at the same time. Power + Volume - (minus) keys or the keys Power+Home (it depends on the model of LG smartphone in your possession), keeping your finger pressed on them for about ten seconds.

    If, for some reason, these key combinations get you into the Recovery screen of Android, do not be alarmed: to return the situation to normal, keep your finger pressed on the Power button until the phone turns off and then turn it back on normally. More info here.

    Forcibly restarting your LG phone didn't fix the malfunctions you encountered, as the device keeps crashing or even rebooting all the time? In this case, you should think about taking more drastic measures, such as resetting the phone: in this other guide I have explained to you in detail how to proceed.

    How to unlock a PIN locked LG phone

    You would like to know how to unlock a PIN locked LG phone? Let me explain how to proceed both with regard to the SIM PIN and the Unlock PIN (i.e. the code that must be dialed to access the device).


    If you don't remember the SIM PIN code and, for this reason, you cannot access your device, know that you can easily solve the situation by extracting the SIM from it. To remove the SIM from the phone, just pull out the external drawer it is sitting on or remove it from yours internal housing, usually placed on the back, under the rear body (depends on the smartphone model in use).

    If you don't know how to extract the SIM installed on your LG phone, you can Google for phrases like "Remove SIM from LG [model of your smartphone]" and you will surely get useful information about it.

    Of course, you can also try to retrieve the PIN code of the SIM and try to unlock the device without removing it. Usually the PIN is shown on the plastic card included in the sales package of the SIM itself. If you find it difficult to perform the operation in question, reading my guide on how to recover the SIM PIN will be of great help.

    Unlock PIN

    Your LG phone is locked from Unlock PIN, as you do not remember the code (or the sequence) that you set to protect it? In this case, know that unlocking the device is a feasible thing, but to do this it is likely that you will have to perform a operating system recovery: procedure which, as you may already know, involves the loss of all data and settings stored on the terminal. 

    If you have previously made a backup (or if you have saved the data on a microSD that you will have to remove before restoring the terminal), you can still recover everything without problems.

    One of the easiest ways to restore LG devices is to use the service Find my device (o Find my device): this is a service (also available as an app) that Google has created to identify the exact location of your smartphone in case of theft / loss (provided that it is connected to the Internet) and remotely perform actions on it , such as reset. 

    Obviously, to use the function in question, you must have previously activated it from the Find my device app and that, as already mentioned, the terminal is connected to the Internet.

    Then, to use the Find my device service, go to this page, access the Google account connected to the LG device you want to reset, click on the icon of the smartphone at the top left (if necessary), click on the item RESET DEVICE on the left and confirm the operation by clicking on the item again Reset device.

    Once you have reset the phone, you will be able to access it again and, if you had made the backup, you can eventually restore the data that was saved on it. More info here.

    How to unlock an carrier locked LG phone

    Do you think the LG phone is locked by an operator and would you like to know how to unlock it? Before explaining how you can possibly proceed, you must actually be sure that your device has been blocked by a provider. You can notice it, for example, from the fact that, despite being fully functional, the smartphone cannot make calls, send SMS and surf the data network with a SIM that works without problems elsewhere.

    Since the alleged blocking occurs through the insertion of the IMEI code of the smartphone in a blacklist shared with all operators (national and otherwise), to find out if your terminal has actually been blocked, take note of its IMEI: you can find it by opening the dialer (the screen with the numeric keypad) and dialing the number sequence *# 06 #, by going to the menu Settings> About phone> Status> IMEI or, again, by checking the sales package, which should bear the code on an adhesive label applied to it or on one of the information booklets present inside it.

    After taking note of the IMEI code, connected to the International Numbering Plans site, enter the IMEI of your phone in the box Enter IMEI number below and press pulsating analysis. If the device is locked, you will see the indicator appear 

    | <nella parte in rosso della barra colorata posta in basso vicino alla voce IMEI Validity Assessment.

    You ask me what you need to do after you have ascertained that the device has been blocked by the operator? Well, if it's a used device that you bought from another person, it may have been stolen and blocked following a complaint from the original owner. Therefore, file a complaint immediately to the competent authorities, otherwise you could stain yourself with the receiving stolen goods. With the help of your lawyer, you could also try to report what happened (since in fact you have been scammed) and try to get a refund from the one who resold you the device that was found to be stolen.

    Alternatively, the block could have occurred following the non-payment of the remaining installments of the subscription through which the original owner had purchased the smartphone you now have. Contact, therefore, the customer care of your operator, provide the purchase documentation in your possession, explain to him that you were not aware of the fact that the previous owner of the smartphone had not paid the installments of the subscription he had subscribed to and follow the instructions that will be given to you by the consultant who will assist you. There is a good chance the phone will be unlocked within a few business days.

    For more information on how to understand if a phone is blocked by an operator and on how to unlock a phone blocked by the operator, please also consult the in-depth information that I have linked to you: I am sure you will find them useful.

    What to do in case of further problems or doubts

    If, at the end of this reading, you still haven't been able to solve the problems that plague your LG smartphone, perhaps it would be better to contact the customer care of the South Korean manufacturer. In this regard, I refer you to the LG online assistance center, where you can find some useful information to try to solve the problems you have encountered yourself.

    Otherwise, contact LG Customer Service by phone at the number +199 600 044 XNUMX and follow the instructions of the voice guide to be able to speak with a customer care operator. The service is subject to a fee: it can cost a maximum of 11,88 cents / min excluding VAT (depending on the rate applied by your operator) and is active from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 and on Saturdays from 09:00 at 13:00 (excluding holidays).

    How to unlock a locked LG phone

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