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    How to unblock someone on Facebook from mobile

    Unblock a person from Facebook

    If you have blocked a person on Facebook, you can unblock them directly from the official application of the social network for Android and iOS: it is a simple procedure to perform and it only takes a few steps to reach the goal.

    First, start the application of Facebook on your device (having previously downloaded it from the Android Play Store or the iOS App Store). Then tap onicon (), which you find at the top right on Android or bottom right on iOS, scroll the screen and select the items Settings and Privacy > Settings from the displayed screen. Now locate the box Privacy and presses on the wording Block, in order to reach the section People blocked.

    On this screen, you can see a list of names that refer to Facebook contacts you have previously blocked. To unlock one, tap the corresponding button Unlock (right) and then presses up Unlock, from the box that is shown to you on the screen. From now on, you and the newly unblocked contact can make friends on Facebook again and contact each other.

    It was used Facebook Lite, available only on Android, the procedure you need to follow varies slightly: after starting the application, tap onicon (), which you find in the upper right corner and scroll down the screen until you find the wording Settings. Tap on it and then press on the item Block, which you find in the box Privacy. Now, you just have to press the button Unlock corresponding to the contact to be unblocked.

    Unblock a person from Facebook Messenger

    To stay in touch with your friends on Facebook, you are sure to use the app Facebook Messenger, available for free on the Android Play Store or the iOS App Store. This app allows you to start text conversations, calls and video calls with users of the most famous social network in the world.

    In case you wanted to unlock a person previously blocked by the Facebook messaging app, start it by tapping on its icon on the home screen and keep your finger pressed on the screen, corresponding to the conversation with the contact you blocked.

    At this point, come on Android, from the context menu that appears on the screen, presses on Unlock and move the lever from ON a OFF, corresponding to the item Block messages from [name]. On iOSinstead, from the contextual menu open while keeping your finger pressed on the conversation, press on Other > Unlock and, in the new screen, move the lever from ON a OFF at the entry Block messages.

    If you have the Touch 3D, you can view this screen by keeping the pressure on the conversation and making a short swipe from bottom to top, so as to display a contextual menu; then choose the item Other and then Unlock, so as to access the section for unblocking the contact.

    By carrying out the procedure I indicated in the previous lines, you can again get in touch with the person you had previously blocked.

    If, on the other hand, you have blocked notifications for messages from a specific contact, you can re-enable them with a really simple procedure. Launch the application Facebook Messenger and keep your finger pressed on a conversation and, from the context menu, choose the voice Turn on notification sounds your android or Turn on sounds your iOS.

    If the Touch 3D on your iPhone, keep the pressure on the conversation on which you want to enable notifications again and immediately make a short swipe from the bottom to the other, then choose the voice Turn on sounds, from the context menu.

    Unblock a person from Facebook Business Suite

    If you manage a Facebook page, you may have happened to block a person, preventing him from interacting with him. Using the official application Facebook Business Suite (also usable for Instagram pages), available for free on Android and iOS, you can easily access the function for managing people blocked on pages.

    To do this, start the application Facebook Business Suite and tap on miniature that you find at the bottom left and then at the top left, to select the Facebook page for which you want to view the list of blocked people. After selecting it, tap the button with i square (bottom right) and then on the item Settings. From the inset Generali, select the voice Blocked Users, to access the list of people you have blocked from the page.

    At this point, press the button Remove the block, corresponding to the Facebook contact to which you want to restore interaction with the page you manage.

    Unblock a contact's updates on the Facebook News Feed

    In addition to what is indicated in the previous lines, you may also need unblock notifications on the News Feed for those contacts whose content you no longer wanted to read. In this case, reach the Facebook settings, starting the app and pressing on'icon (), located at the top right on Android or bottom right on iOS.

    Scroll, now, the screen, tap on the items Settings and Privacy > Settings e seleziona l'opzione Pref Renze area of section news, which you find in the box News section settings. Therefore, he presses on his voice Reconnect with people you unfollowed to view the list of people, pages, and groups whose content you have blocked in news feed and touch the miniature of contacts, to follow them again and return to view their updates.

    Another alternative method is to directly reach the contact profile on which to enable status updates. From the search bar at the top, type the contact name, using the field Search.

    Then press the name corresponding to the contact you are looking for, so as to reach his personal profile, then press the button Follow, which you find under the name of the user, and tap the button Default option (called Standard on iOS) or Show first, from the box that appears on the screen. This last option, unlike the first, allows you to view the status updates of a contact before those of other contacts on the News feed of Facebook.

    In case you and the contact to be unblocked have made friends on Facebook, you can also perform the same action by reaching the Friends list. To do this, tap on'icon (), located at the top right on Android or bottom right on iOS, and select the miniature related to your profile.

    At this point, lightly scroll the screen and press on the item Friends that you find on the horizontal bar, under your profile information. Then locate the name on which you want to re-enable status updates and press onicon [], that you find in correspondence with its name. From the context menu, click on the wording Follow, so as to re-enable the previously blocked status updates.

    The procedure indicated so far is also valid for the Web version of Facebook from smartphone, but it is not, however, possible for you to perform it on Facebook Lite, because in this lighter version of the Facebook app there is no Feed news.

    How to unblock someone on Facebook from mobile

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