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    How to unblock Google account on Android

    How two-step verification works

    How to unblock Google account on Android

    Before explaining how you can act to unlock access to your Google account on Android, I would like to inform you in detail of the importance and operation of two-step verification.

    Two-Step Verification is a necessary security tool as it protects your Google account. The activation of this security tool is often underestimated, but the truth is that it is really essential, since it is able to protect your Google account, in case your password is stolen. The activation of the two-step verification goes to put a patch on this serious inconvenience: even if an attacker were to learn the password related to your Google services, they will not be able to log in.

    Without two-step verification, you are therefore exposed to the risk of losing your Google account and all related content such as photos, emails, contacts. This system is therefore very important, especially if you are using a weak password or if you are using the same password for multiple Web services (a very common mistake).

    After activating XNUMX-Step Verification, logging into your account from an unknown browser will be completely different. You will first have to enter your email and password but immediately after pressing the button NEXT, the login will be blocked as an additional security level will be activated.

    Among these there will be the possibility to use a code that you will receive from Google via SMS or by phone call, for example. The other additional security levels proposed by Google concern the use of the app Google Authenticator or inserting a security token into the computer's USB port.

    The additional security level is not permanent. If there is frequent access, there is the possibility of maintaining the immediate access mode: just confirm to Google that you want to remember that particular access point. From that moment on you will only be prompted for the password and you will no longer be set up for two-step authentication.

    Now that we've clarified the importance of two-step verification, I'll show you how you can verify that two-step verification has been activated and how to activate additional security options.

    How to verify that XNUMX-Step Verification is enabled

    How to unblock Google account on Android

    To check that you have activated two-step verification correctly, first open the browser you usually use to browse the Internet and go to this link on the official Google website. Once you have loaded the web page in question, click on the button Start that you find at the top right. Log in now to the Google account on which the two-step verification is active by entering your email address and the password related to it and continue by pressing the button NEXT.

    From the welcome page, then click on the button Start and confirm your identity by logging in again with your credentials, if requested, and pressing the button NEXT. In the event that you have been blocked from accessing your Google account, as two-step verification is active, you can act through this Internet page to deactivate it.

    This operation is not recommended for the security reasons I mentioned in the previous lines but, if you want to temporarily deactivate, in correspondence with the wording Two-Step Verification is ON from, award-winning disable and then press the button again disable from the confirmation menu that will be shown to you.

    Now I'll explain how to activate some additional security levels:

    • Text or voice message: This is the default security option for two-step verification. By typing in your mobile number you will have the possibility to unlock access to your Google account from your Android device, by entering the verification code that will be sent to you via SMS or that will be provided to you via a voice call.
    • Google message: As an alternative to typing verification codes (usually the default method for two-step verification), you can activate the Google message on your phone. To activate this setting on most Android devices you have to press on the item Add phone. You then have to open the app Settings on your smartphone and locate the item Account. Then tap on the Google entry and log in with your account. In the event that the procedure I indicated does not work, you will need to log in to your Google account through the Google application, which can be downloaded for free in PlayStore.
    • Backup codesThese are single-use codes that can be printed and will allow you to log into your account even when you are not connected to the Internet or when you are away from home, such as when traveling. To activate this setting, press the button Configure.
    • Authenticator App: As an alternative two-step verification method, you can use the Authenticator app to receive verification codes directly in the Google app. This is especially useful if you are not connected to the Internet. Google's Authenticator application is downloadable for free on Android devices. Once the application is downloaded, activate this security tool by pressing the button Configure.
    • Backup phone number: If none of the verification methods listed are right for you, know that you can also unlock the Google account by adding a backup phone number. This way, even if you lose your phone, you won't be locked out of your account. To activate this security method, click on the button Add phone.
    • Security token- An alternative security method that will allow you to unlock a Google account involves the use of a security token. This is a small hardware device that will be inserted into the USB port of the computer you wish to access through. To add this level of security to your account, click on the wording Add Security Token.

    How to unblock Google account on Android

    How to unblock Google account on Android

    At this point, once you understand what are the additional security options you can set, I'll explain step by step how to proceed to unlock your Google account, from an Android device.

    Pick up your smartphone and go to the website of the Google service you wish to access (for example Gmail, Google Drive or simply the search engine itself). Then press the button to log into your account (for example the button Log in from the official Gmail site) and continue typing your login details.

    How to unblock Google account on Android

    Then first type the email address associated with your account and press the button NEXT. Enter the password and press again on NEXT. If you try to log in from an unrecognized Google browser, you will be blocked by one of the two-step verification tools I mentioned to you (for example, code sent by Google via text message or via voice call).

    If you do not have the verification tool indicated by Google by default, click on the wording Other options. You will then be shown the alternative security options of the two-step verification I told you about.

    How to unblock Google account on Android

    To unlock your Google account on Android, you must then proceed according to the security options you have available, such as:

    • Google message: if you are using Google message access, press the button Yes when you will be asked Are you trying to log in from another device?
    • App Google Authenticator: open the Google Authenticator app on your mobile phone and enter the code that will be indicated to you, then log in to your account by pressing on NEXT.
    • Text or voice message: type the verification code that will be provided to you by Google on your mobile phone (or on the backup one inserted) via SMS or voice call and press the button NEXT.
    • Backup Codes: enter one of the backup codes you printed and log in by pressing the button NEXT.
    How to unblock Google account on Android

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