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    How to block Android calls

    System functions to block calls on Android

    How to block Android calls

    Let's start this discussion by looking at some system functions to block android calls. If you are using a fairly recent version of the green robot operating system, you can block calls from unwanted senders without installing any app.

    All you have to do is open the application Contacts (that which, generally, is represented by the symbol oflittle man), create a contact containing the number (or numbers) to be blocked and activate automatic forwarding to the voicemail.

    To create contact, press the button capacitor positive (+) lead located at the bottom right and fill out the form displayed on the screen with all the information requested, number included. After creating the contact, open the application Telephone which would be the one you normally use to make a call from your Android smartphone (usually represented by the symbol of a handset).

    At this point, pigia sul pulsating (...) located at the top right and tap on the item Settings. In the screen that opens, tap on the item Call barring o Numbers blocked. Then press on the item Add a number and manually add the number of the person you want to block.

    Now go back to the screen Settings and tap on the item Caller ID and spam. On the next screen, check that the toggle is on ON at the item Caller ID and Spam. If it is on OFF, activate by moving the lever to the right.

    From now on, every time you receive a call from numbers included in the blocked list, the sender will only hear a short ring and then it will be diverted to the answering machine. If your answering machine is disabled, the sender can still hear a short ring but will then be notified that the called number is busy.

    As for the numbers that you have not saved in the block list, once you have activated the option to show the caller ID, it will be thanks to Google that you will be able to receive useful information on the identity of the number that is calling you. The call will not be blocked automatically in the event of possible spam, but being able to view useful information, you will therefore be able to independently understand if it is a telemarketing operator.

    If using this Android call blocker tool you have discovered that the voicemail is still activated and you want to deactivate it, find out how to do it by reading my tutorial on how to deactivate the voicemail.

    App to block calls on Android

    Now, instead, let's see what some are app to block calls on Android. As I told you at the beginning of the article, this kind of solutions allow you to preventively block calls from potential "known annoyers".

    Calls Blacklist

    How to block Android calls

    One of the most popular call blocking apps for Android devices is Calls Blacklist, application that allows you to block the numbers added by the user to his "blacklist" and all calls from anonymous numbers or numbers not included in the mobile phone book.

    Basic Calls Blacklist is free, although a version is available For (from 1,99 euros) which does not have advertising banners inside. In any case, using it in its free version is really a breeze.

    All you have to do to use it is to start the application and authorize it so that it can access your contacts by pressing the button Continuation on your pulse Allow three consecutive times. At this point, once you are on the main screen you will have to press the button capacitor positive (+) lead and among the available options you can choose whether to block a contact from the call log, a name from the contacts or whether to type a number manually.

    To block all calls from anonymous numbers and / or numbers not included in the phone book, select the icon instead three vertical dots which is at the top right, go up Settings> Lock and choose the options you want to activate: Private numbers, Unknown numbers, etc. In case of second thoughts, to unblock a number previously blocked in Calls Blacklist, start the application, press the blocked number and select the entry Clear give the menu check if you press.

    Please note: Calls Blacklist also includes a feature to block SMS from unwanted senders, but I don't recommend turning it on. The reason is that on Android 4.4 and later it only works if you turn the app into the default application for managing messages, and this can lead to additional costs on sending SMS. If there are any messages inviting you to activate this feature, decline.


    How to block Android calls

    TrueCaller is another great application that allows you to block Android calls that is also more complete than Calls Blacklist. In addition to preventing calls from unwanted senders (chosen by the user), it has a constantly updated database that allows it to automatically block and report all the numbers of "known annoyances": telemarketers, scammers, etc.

    It works well, but one very important thing must be specified: by installing TrueCaller on your smartphone, you accept the creation of an account that makes your mobile number traceable in the public database of the service (together with your name, which however is visible only to other subscribers to the service). To cancel your delivery from the TrueCaller database you must deactivate your account, uninstall the application and fill in the appropriate request on the official website of the service.

    Having made this necessary clarification, let's move on to the operation of the application, which is extremely intuitive. After installing TrueCaller, create your free account by clicking on Start to start using the service and allow the application to access your smartphone to manage phone calls by pressing the button Allow twice in a row. Then enter your phone number and press the button Continue twice in a row. Skip the tutorial by pressing on NEXT e I got it. Also, in case you are prompted to use Truecaller as an SMS app, tap on No.

    To block known annoyance numbers and anonymous numbers, tap the menu at the top left and tap Settings > Block. In the tab that opens you can move a few levers up ON at the item Block well known spammers e Block private numbers. 

    To add a number to your personal blacklist, instead, "tap" on button with shield symbol located at the top right to access the card stuck and, through the + button and choose whether to type a number manually (block a number) or whether to block a series of numbers (freezes a number series).

    In case of second thoughts, to unblock a previously blocked contact, go back to the Blocked tab by pressing the shield symbol from the main menu.  Now press the three dots symbol at the top right and tap on the item My unwanted list. Pulia quindi sul pulsating (-) located next to the number to be unblocked and then up Yes to unlock it.

    Should I Answer

    How to block Android calls

    Should I Answer is another app that I recommend you to try. In some ways it is similar to TrueCaller. Once you have authorized the application to access your contacts, it will work through a collaborative database, thanks to which it is able to block in advance all calls from numbers that the community has deemed unreliable: telemarketers, scammers and so on. Unlike TrueCaller, however, it does not require the creation of an account and therefore does not make user numbers publicly traceable.

    The operation of the app is extremely intuitive. After installing and starting it on your device, grant it all the necessary permissions to make it work at its best and browse the information sheets that show you its main features. Then, in the screen that opens, tap the button Active protection, to block spam calls directly (by doing so, however, you will set Should I Answer as the default "Phone" app) or press the button Passive protection, so you can view spam alerts and choose which alerts to activate.

    To activate automatic call blocking, however, tap the button (≡), presses on the voices Settings> Lock and move up ON the switch levers that correspond to the type of calls to be blocked in the bud (eg. reported by you as spamforeign number, and so on).

    How to block Android calls

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