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    How to block a private number

    How to block a private number on Android

    How to block a private number

    If you use a smartphone Android and you want to get rid of the annoyances that call you by the anonymous, you can avail both of Calls Blacklist, an app that is able to filter phone calls and make the line appear busy to all those who call by disguising their number. The app is in fact free, but the elimination of advertising and access to all its features requires the purchase of the paid version, which costs 1,99 euros.

    Please note that Calls Blacklist also includes a function to block SMS from unwanted senders, but I advise against its use: on Android 4.4 and later it only works if you choose the app as the default tool for managing messages, which can involve costs. additional information on sending SMS.

    If you are willing to try Calls Blacklist, the first thing you need to do is to download the app on your smartphone. To do this, log in to Play Store of Google by pressing on its icon on the mobile phone screen in which all the applications are grouped, then presses on the search field and type “calls blacklist”.

    Then, press on the first result that is shown to you. If you wish, you can speed up the execution of this procedure by pressing here directly from your smartphone. At this point, tap the button Install and then Accept and wait for the app download and installation procedure to start and then complete. If you have a device without Google services, check the availability of Calls Blacklist on some alternative store.

    After installing and running Calls Blacklist, set it as your default Caller ID & Spam app by ticking the option Calls Blacklist in the box that appeared in the center of the screen and confirming everything by tapping on the item Set default. In the screen that has opened, click on the button Continuation, located at the bottom right, and on the button Allow three times in a row. Then press on the item I agree, tap on the symbol of three vertical dots, located at the top right and, in the opened menu, tap on the wording Settings.

    In the new screen that is shown to you, tap on the item Block and tick the boxes Private numbers e Unknown numbers: in this way, calls from private or unknown numbers will be blocked in advance. Convenient, right?

    How to block a private number on iPhone

    How to block a private number

    If, on the other hand, you want to know how to block a private number on iPhone, you can take advantage of the feature Do not disturb to "silence" calls from all numbers that are not in the phonebook or you can block calls made by unwanted numbers.

    As I told you, the function Do not disturb makes the iPhone silent by blocking calls and notifications at specific times of the day or when the user decides. To activate this function and make sure that only calls from numbers you have in your phonebook are accepted, proceed as follows.

    To begin with, he clicks on the icon of Settings attached on the home screen then select the item Do not disturb from the screen that opens and then move up ON the switch located in correspondence with the item Do not disturb, if you want to always leave the function active or move to ON the one located in correspondence with the wording Scheduled to specify in which time slots you want to activate the setting in question.

    Once this is done, press on the voice Allow calls from and select the item All contacts to ensure that calls are received only by those in your address book and not by unknown contacts, including private numbers. To confirm the application of the changes, press the button <Back, which is located at the top left of the screen displayed.

    After having activated the "Do not disturb" function in the upper right part of the screen of your iPhone you will see an icon depicting a crescent moon. The icon indicates that "Do Not Disturb" is working correctly and that therefore the function by which you can block a private number on the iPhone is active.

    If you deem it appropriate, you can also make sure that only a small group of contacts, your favorites, call you. To do this, just press on the voice Add to Wishlist annexed to the section Allow calls from.

    Afterwards, remember to indicate the contacts you want to receive calls from as favorites. To do this, press the app icon Telephone attached on the home screen, tap on the item Contacts placed at the bottom, presses on the contact name you want to add to the list of favorites and then tap on the item Add to Favorites. If more than one telephone number is associated with a specific contact, also remember to indicate which of those listed you wish to add to your favorites.

    To disable the use of the "Do not disturb" function and therefore to cancel the procedure by which to block a private number on the iPhone, all you have to do is press the icon of Settings present on the home screen, press on Do not disturb I will post your OFF the levetta relating to Do not disturb o Scheduled depending on the option you have previously chosen.

    If, on the other hand, you are interested in understanding what you need to do to be able to block a specific number on the iPhone, to begin with, open the dialing screen by pressing the handset icon, select the tab Recent and press the letter i which is next to the number to be silenced, then press the button Block contact And that's it.

    Alternatively, you can go to the settings of iOS by pressing the icon ofgear located on the home screen, select the item Telephone, fare tap your Contacts blocked and add one of your contacts to the list of numbers to block. For more information on the subject, see my article on how to block a number on iPhone.

    How to discover a private number

    How to block a private number

    In addition to blocking it, you would like find out who is hiding behind a private number? If the answer is yes I invite you to take a look at Whooming. This is an app that uses call forwarding to identify unknown numbers. Basically it is free, but after a 7-day trial the intercepted numbers are partially hidden; to see them in full you need to subscribe, it is available in the following plans: 11,99 euros / for three months, € 17,99 / for 6 months e 23,99 euro / year.

    After installing the Whooming app on your Android device (see if there is any alternative store, if you have a device without the Play Store) or iOS / iPadOS, open it and register. Press on the button Log in with your e-mail, tap on the item register here, placed next to the item Not registered yet?, and fill in the text fields Insert your email, Create a password e Confirm Password with all the necessary information. Then press the button SUBSCRIBE and enter the verification code that is sent to the email with which you registered; after writing it, press the button Verifica.

    If you don't want to sign up with your email, you can do it with your account Google, Facebook o Apple, by pressing the appropriate buttons and following the instructions visible on the screen to complete the procedure.

    Once registered, he presses the button Setup begins, indicates the nation,operator and telephone number to be registered through the menus and the appropriate text fields, then press the button NEXT and, in the new screen that opened, tap the button Set number diversion and make the call to the number that appeared on the dialer (Eg. ** 67 * 0694500075 #).

    Now, go back to the Whooming app again, press the button OK I'm ready! e fai tap sul pulsating Call your number. All you have to do is initiate the call to yourself and wait for the answer from the answering machine to complete the account configuration.

    Once this is done, go once again to the Whooming app, press the button Go to the call list and grant her access to the address book. From now, refuses anonymous calls and these, as if by "magic", will be intercepted by Whooming, who will point you to the number of who calls you or the contact name hidden behind an anonymous phone call on the screen Call Log.

    I also point out my guide on how to trace the owner of a number through which I have provided you with various and useful techniques thanks to which you can try to find the people who call your number by disguising your identity. I recommend, if you think it will be useful to you at least give it a look.

    How to block a private number

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