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    How to block on WhatsApp without noticing

    Preliminary information

    Before getting to the heart of the tutorial, I would like to spend a few words describing what happens to your contact when you decide to block them on WhatsApp. Basically, the user you "put on the brakes" can continue to send you messages. On its application these will be marked with a single check gray, completely analogous to that which is placed on a message sent when the recipient's phone is turned off or unreachable.

    Obviously, these messages will never arrive on your smartphone, as you have decided to block the user who sent them. In this way, the developers of the popular messaging app wanted to make this dynamic rather "ambiguous", from the point of view of those who have been blocked, since they will never have the exact certainty of having immediately blocked.

    However, the blocked user will no longer be able to view yours profile picture, as well as your statuses, your Info and your last access. For this reason I will show you, in a special chapter of the tutorial, also how to make these elements visible only to yourself so that, if the person you have chosen to block harbored some suspicion, even trying to contact you from another's smartphone. person, would still not be able to view your data (thus remaining in doubt and not being able to fully ascertain that it has been blocked).

    Block on WhatsApp without being noticed: smartphone

    In the next chapters, as I mentioned previously, I will guide you in modifying the visibility of your profile photo, your statuses and your Info. Then, later on, I will explain how block e to unlock (in case you have any second thoughts) a user. All by acting from the application of WhatsApp for Android and iOS. Here are the details.

    Change privacy settings

    Change your own settings privacy su WhatsApp it is a truly immediate operation. To begin, launch the app of the famous messaging service and, if you use Android, premium sull'icona located at the top right and then select the item Settings from the menu that opens. If you use a iPhoneinstead, press directly on the card Settings that you find at the bottom right.

    At this point, regardless of the phone you use, press on the items Account> Privacy and, from here, go up Last access. In the menu that opens, tap on the item Nobody and continue by tapping on the item Profile picture; as in the previous case, select the item Nobody among those proposed to you. Then move on to the item Info, which you find in the same list of privacy settings, tap on it and then press on the item Nobody.

    Finally, tap on the item State, placed under the previous item and, in the menu that opens, tap on the item Share with. At this point, click on the icon of arrow at the top left and do not select any contact from the list that is shown to you. Finally, click on the button end placed at the bottom.

    Finally, if you deem it necessary, you can also decide to press the switch next to the item Read confirmations, to deactivate the latter. In this way, you will no longer be able to receive and send read receipts and once you read the messages of other users, they will in no case be able to view the blue ticks that indicate that a sent message has been read (and you will not be able to see theirs).

    Block a person

    Now that I've shown you how to become "invisible" to all users of WhatsApp, I proceed to explain how block a person on the popular instant messaging app; the operation is really simple and you have two methods to do it.

    The first, come on Android, consists of starting the app and choosing the contact you want to block by scrolling the list in the tab Chat, or by tapping on the icon magnifying glass at the top right, by typing the name contact and, finally, by pressing on the appropriate button name in the list below. Once the chat has opened, press the icon located at the top right, then press on the item Other and, from here, tap the item twice in a row Block.

    If you use a iPhone, to block a contact, just open the tab Chat of the app (the one with the icon of comics bottom right), then select the name of the contact you want to block and then click on it name which is displayed at the top and tap on the item Block contact. Infine, premium pulsating Block to confirm. Easy, right?

    The second method to block a user is similar on both versions of the WhatsApp app (Android and iOS): just go to Settings> Accounts> Privacy> Blocked contacts (or alone Blocked). At this point, come on Android, fai tap sull'icona dell 'little man with the + symbol next to it and select il name of the user you want to block; up iOS, invece, award your pulse Add and select il name of the contact to block from the list. For more details on these procedures check the appropriate tutorial I wrote on the subject.

    In case of second thoughts, if you have a smartphone available Android, you can unblock a user at any time by accessing the entry Contacts blocked that you find in the menu of the item Privacy above and, from here, tap on name of the contact you want to unblock and press on the entry Unblock [username], to confirm. If, on the other hand, you use a iPhone, access the item Blocked, as I just pointed out, then swipe from right to left on the name of the contact you want to unblock and press the button Unlock. Really simple, do you agree?

    Block on WhatsApp without being noticed: PC

    You stai chiedendo how to block on WhatsApp without noticing su computer? No problem, I will show you in detail, in a similar way to what has already been done on smartphones, the operation of the locking and unlocking mechanics also on WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop, the two variants for computers of the popular messaging app. Read on for details on the procedures.

    Change privacy settings

    To ensure that a contact you decide to block cannot "realize" that it has been blocked, you must first make sure that the latter, even by contacting you with other phone numbers, still cannot view your profile picture, yours static, yours Info and yours Last Access. These elements, in fact, remain "hidden" from the contact you decide to block.

    However, I must inform you that it is not possible to change the visibility of these elements from a computer since neither WhatsApp Web nor WhatsApp desktop have an option that allows you to review the settings of the privacy of your account. Therefore, to change the visibility of the above elements, you will necessarily have to act from smartphone; I refer you, therefore, to the chapter of this guide in which I explained how to proceed in this sense.

    Block a person

    Before proceeding to show you how block a user on the computer version of WhatsApp I specify that the instructions that I am going to provide you below are valid for both Web WhatsApp for both WhatsApp Desktop, since the items and the operation of the various menus of the two "variants", in this case, are identical.

    To get started, then, start the WhatsApp client for PC or linked to Web WhatsApp with any browser. Once you have logged in by scanning the QR Code and you are in front of the WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop interface, proceed by clicking on the icon located at the top left, next to that of the comic, then click on the item Settings give the menu check if you press.

    At this point, clicca sulla voce Blocked and, from here, click on the entry Add contacts to block. Finally, just select the name of one of the contacts you see below (or search for one by typing their name in the search bar at the top) and that's it.

    If you want to unblock a user, just go back to this last page where the blocked contacts are listed, select the name of one of these and press the button Unlock. That's all! For more details on this procedure, take a look at my guide on how to block users on WhatsApp.

    How to block on WhatsApp without noticing

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